It’s as


as 1,2,3…

1) Enter/upload your job description for the role

2) Choose three keyword attributes for the Key Personal strength, the Team Dynamic and the Organization Climate elements


  • All of this content is available in every language, transcreated and localized using everyday language and vernacular  of the country. To speak one-to-one. As natives speak
  • Even the gender bias monitor is language-specific
  • PowerPosts then take DEI to another level. Weaving DEI-specific language throughout its PowerContent
  • Every bit of PowerPost PowerContent is fully editable, customizable by you
  • And the JobWriter platform is fully-integrable with your ATS. Or can work equally well as a stand alone
  • When you PowerPost,TM your approved content stays untouched. Our PowerContent simply enhances it


You can simply, more powerfully leverage your insights. Your skill.
Your experience.

Using the JobWriter platform to create incredibly compelling PowerPosts that bring every unique opportunity to life.

Differentiating. Personalizing each opportunity. Making its unique possibilities tangible and deeply felt for candidates who are a right fit for the specific role.

And in the end, as so many others have discovered, you’ll find perhaps the most gratifying thing about PowerPosting on the JobWriter platform is how it makes you feel about what you do.